/ 5th February, 2021 

Radii Planet Group are pleased to unveil our new company website. Our objective is to highlight the unique offerings that each of the divisions of the Radii Planet Group brings to the market, with a view to helping prospective clients understand which one will be best suited to receive their enquiry.

To achieve this, the website comprises a short group overview that is followed by four divisional sections, each of which contains a slideshow of images to showcase their most aesthetically pleasing and technically complex projects.


Users can then navigate to the respective website of their required division for more in-depth information about products, services and case studies.


A key design feature of this website is a new suite of five brand logos, designed to work together across both group and divisional levels and on a range of marketing materials.


This set of logos builds on the design features of the legacy brands for Radii and Planet, with the logo for the Radii Planet Group itself combining the two to reflect the new joined approach and group synergies we will employ moving forward.

Darran Hawkins, CEO of Radii Planet Group: “After an in-depth consultation period and careful consideration of our key messaging and offering to our clients, I am delighted to finally be able to unveil our new group website and to see it take pride of place among our ongoing marketing efforts.


“The finished product does a fantastic job of reflecting the expertise of our teams across the divisions and shouldn’t leave anyone with any doubts about our capabilities as a valued partner on any project.


“Finally, I would like to extend my thanks to everyone that helped work on this website to produce something that reflects the exciting direction the group is taking.”